Wednesday, May 03, 2017

New Media: a field of ample opportunities

New media technology is an emerging field. This media is more pervasive than the older one. It has revolutionized almost all fields of human action and endeavor from education to news from court to parliament. It has also enhanced the capabilities of old medium like radio, TV and newspaper. Now radio, TV and newspaper can move more close to their audience and keep in touch with them through different channel round the hours by keeping them informed regarding the main task of the medium.

I see new media not a competitor of the older medium. They are compatible and in a way working for each other. The most exiting feature of the new medium is that it can help the content to be shared over a long distance with the flick of wrist to the divergent audience and seek feedback in many ways that’s too in the meantime.

Therefore, it is expected from a student of new media that he/she must not keep himself limited to the knowledge of audio or video production. He always is required to go beyond that with the goal to master all the skill required in the field of new media.

There are basically three parts of new media. First is technical one. The second is aesthetics and the third is theoretical part. A student of new media is required to have equal knowledge of all the three to develop a holistic perspective of the medium in this changed and fast moving environment of digital media. 

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